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Collidal Silver

is an answer to the bird flu virus.


Silver kills most pathogenic viruses and bacteria ON CONTACT!  

No Pathogenic virus or bacteria has ever been proven to mutate and become immune to silver.


So why haven’t the ‘authorities’ endorsed Colloidal Silver?

For the same reason they ignore colloidal silver in the treatment of many other viral complaints – because you cannot patent colloidal silver, if anyone wanted to they could make it in their kitchen – so there is no profit for BigPharma (the major drug companies) – and there is BIG money in patented drugs.

But colloidal silver works better than most antibiotics, indeed it was the antibiotic of choice until 1938, when they ‘patented’ penicillin, and started the ‘gold rush’ of profits for their shareholders. So the ‘authorities’ must choose to ignore colloidal silver, or face the ‘wrath’ of the drug industry.

You must decide whether you will also ignore this simple, but highly effective, virus killer.

Avian bird flu looks set to become an unpleasant reality for us. The moment this virus manages to cross the barrier to become a human virus, allowing it to pass from human to human, we can expect it to reach every corner of the globe that a domestic airline travels to, in a very short time.

The overall projections allow a 'worst case' scenario of 150,000,000 dead worldwide. That's a whole lot of humanity.

We cannot (at this stage) say whether Colloidal Silver will defeat this virus for obvious reasons. Firstly were we to do so we would receive a visit from the 'officials' involved in medical science, but mainly because to date this virus has not made that (official) transition from an avian flu to a human variety, so Colloidal Silver has not been tested against this threat. But it will be, and we believe it will minimise this virus's dangers for those who use it.


Facts about colloidal silver, and they are undisputed.





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Make sure when you purchase "collidal silver" you buy the 4-8 ounce bottle that has at least 500ppm. This size of bottle can generally meet the needs of one person for a year. Larger bottles can be used for families. In the application, it can be taken orally or topcially. Take 3-4 drops of "collidal silver" into a bottle of quality water, preferrably with less than 20ppm of solids. Drink it first thing in the morning two-three times a week. If you are having a cold, flu, aches & pains, and you are not feeling up to par, then take it twice a day. You can apply "collidal silver" topically to sores, problems with your toes and the list goes on and on. We have a document from varied sources that can be copied and sent out to you for $13.00.  Just call  800.477.2334 and it will be mailed to you. Or send a check for $13 to:


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